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Lessons Learned

Some Things You Have to Learn the Hard Way

Lesson number 1.
Bring your rail pass. The end.

I thought I was fully prepared for this adventure. I was wrong. I have everything from walking friendly shoes to a neon link neck pillow to a mini spray bottle of Lysol. If only the little emergency kit I got from Francesca's had my rail pass in it then I would have been golden. But no. Not only did I forget my $600 rail pass, but I forgot it in college station. It is literally the most important thing I should have brought second only to my passport (which I also have a backup hard and digital copy of).

On top of it all I realize it not 15 min into our flight on the way to Philadelphia (if I would have told my mother this before I got to Europe she would probably have flown me back home). I had to buy 30 min of wifi on the plane, which is such a rip off, to be able to desperately convince someone to break into my home, find my pass, and then overnight it. Thank goodness for understanding and patient friends.

Hopefully crisis number one is averted. I should have actually checked the checklist Casey made me. Lesson learned.

Lesson Number Two.
Don't trust the arrival and departure boards. They lie.

We arrived in Philadelphia and checked the boards to find that our flight to Barcelona was 45 minutes late. Naturally we decided to go to our gate and find a wine bar. As we are sauntering to terminal A we see a group of people sprinting by us and Grace comments that its better our flight be late than we be running like those people. Little did we know that would be us an hour later.

We get to terminal A and our flight is still showing to be delayed so we sit down to have a glass of Cabernet and call our families (and try to work out how to overnight Grace's rail pass). At this point I am calmly enjoying my glass of wine and trying to convince myself that it is perfectly safe to be suspended hundreds of thousands of miles over the ocean (Blake and Carly ha) for 8 hours, not worried at all that the boards might be lying. Grace decides to go to the gate and make sure our flight is actually late. Next thing I know she is running up saying that our flight has already boarded and is about to leave us.

Yep, you guessed it...we were those people running through the airport trying not to miss our supposed to be delayed flight. iPad, kindle, and pink zebra neck pillow in hand.

Bad things happen in threes. First, Grace forgot her rail pass. Second, on our flight to Philadelphia we got stuck sitting next to a borderline terrorist (although I'm not sure this counts since he wasn't actually a terrorist). Third, we nearly missed our flight to Barcelona. Hopefully that is the end of our crises.

But don't worry, we made it. Barely. Thank goodness because we did not want to be stuck in Philadelphia for 6 weeks. I guess we've taken the European sense of time to heart a little too quickly, 8 hours too early to be exact. Lesson learned.

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Hahah oh Grace. I'm sure yall were hilarious sprinting down the terminal. Glad yall made it! Hopefully that's the end of your bad luck!

by Katie

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